I have a small confession to make: I’m a grandmother (or great-great-great-great grandmother) trapped in the body of a twenty-something. As a child I attended Pioneer Days Summer Camp. When other eight year-old children were playing dodgeball and fashioning ashtrays out of popsicle sticks, I was churning butter and picking heirloom herbs. Happily I might add; I went back three years in a row.

I devoured the Boxcar Children and Little House on the Prairie and dreamed of baking bread from scratch. When I say from scratch I mean growing the wheat. So what did I do? Move to New York City, that’s what. Brilliant right? I drank a lot, wore high heels and was rudely sophisticated when the situation warranted, but I couldn’t maintain it. Fortunately destiny (or just college) intervened and I met my copiously bearded, I-grew-up-on-a-dirt-road-and-loved-it, maple syrup blooded, Vermonter boyfriend.

So here I am, in Vermont, on a dirt road, with room for a goat (like a whole herd), and this year I’ve decided to learn a few things…How to raise pigs and chickens, how to weave on a floor loom and hand spin yarn. How to milk a goat and make cheese and yogurt. How to make soap, bake bread, distill moonshine, ferment pickles and beer and if I’m really lucky, and can find a willing subject, shear a sheep. If I can somehow tie it all together into some kind of coherent life narrative, so much the better, and the miracle.

I’m going to try to add a little dose of self-sufficiency to my life, and write a bit to stay honest. Check back for advice and how-to’s, if you’re willing to take advice from a (really, really) green beginner…or just laugh at my mistakes and ignorance. And for goodness sake if you know anything about any of the ventures above feel free to let me know what I’m in for.


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  1. You are in for a great life jennyg82. Your writing is beautiful and happy and cracky and fun. And even wise. Which might mean something coming from a confirmed wiseguy like me. Or not. Either way, you’re exploring what you want and learning what you need. And you’ll have a record and a trail and even a follower or few. What’s not to like? Just keep going for it! Even though I’m a confirmed wiseguy, I’m old enough to finally understand that the older you get, the more you realize you shoulda woulda coulda done all that stuff when you first thought of it – or as soon as possible thereafter. Live today like tomorrow’s pants are on fire. Or something like that. I wish the best of the world for you because as a never-for-even-a-moment a cookie-cutter kinda girl, you deserve to experience everything you can Cookie! (You can moderate that last part out if you need to. Or anything else you want to. I’ll understand completely. I’m well aware that this incorrigible wiseguy never could control his fingers on a willing keyboard. In a comment box with no limit on the characters allowed in.) 😀


  2. Good thing you’ve made this decision in your twenties…I was in my forties when I finally came to the same conclusions. 🙂

    I’m so glad to have found your blog. It’s good to know we are not alone in our endeavor to live the simpler life–even if simpler is sometimes harder! Keep on posting!


  3. You might enjoy the book My Empire of Dirt which is about a guy who lives in Brooklyn with his wife and kids and decided to turn his backyard into a full blown working farm with crops, rabbits, chickens – the works. He did it as an experiment to see if he could live off what he raised for a year, I believe. The results were, uh… amusing. 🙂

    Also, thanks very much for following my blog, I appreciate it!


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