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Lil’ Bit O’ Crazy

“Gardening is not a rational act.”
-Margaret Atwood

So, I know it’s been a while, but here’s something I’ve learned recently. When you actually farm, you have very little time to keep up with a farming blog.

Like right now, I should not be on the computer. I should be weeding, or planting or digging a hole or slinging manure. Or something.

There have been a few changes. We have a name, Lil Bit Farm, and a plan, a vegetable stand. A calf named Triscuit, so named for his favorite treat. A confusion of guinea fowl, (yes, that is actually what a group of guinea fowl is called). They’re loud and kind of nasty, but they’re oh so pretty.

And the garden…

The huge, overwhelming garden that is supposed to provide produce for the farm stand this summer.

However, I’ve become convinced that this garden has the lowest production potential of any parcel of land on the face of the Earth. I can hear the bugs chomping and the weeds growing and I’m sure nothing of vegetative value is going to grow to marketable size. I fall asleep with visions of undersized kale plants dancing through my head, and my dreams consist of tiny root vegetables with tiny faces laughing at my expense.


Is this normal?

Probably not, but here’s the thing…

I still love to garden.

As distracting as all my doubts and fears are, I still look forward to weeding and planting and digging holes and slinging manure.

As much as I’d love a spare moment to stand around, eat a popsicle, or enjoy a sunset, I still love to garden. And right now, I can’t imagine doing anything else.