Adventures in Pink: Photo Shoot!

I took these pictures about a week ago, but the piggies are more or less the same size… 

“I will follow hiiiim…follow him wherever he may goooooo…”
I can’t imagine only having one pig. They’re soooo social. I think it would be downright cruel to have a solitary pig. As it is, they get completely riled when they see anyone coming and follow their visiter in a frantic little herd.
Good Lookin’ Pig
I realize it looks like he’s smiling, and that could be a little disconcerting, but I’m pretty sure I just caught him mid-chew.
Rubbin’ Tummies, Makin’ Bacon!

Flo flops down immediately when she sees a tummy-rub coming. Soon after she arrived, she developed tiny red bumps on her belly and scratched against anything she could find. For several days in a row I rubbed her down with Bag Balm (The Farmers Friend!). The bumps have disappeared, but she still loves a rub!


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